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I do like driving a lot. Every time I have a chance to drive, I always drive. What I usually do first is to understand where the destination and how I could go there. When I don’t know how to reach the destination then I consult my friends or search it on the map.
The biggest problem is when I don’t know the destination. Then I don’t know how to search…

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Inner Peace

“Remember Dragon Warrior, anything is possible when you have inner peace” – Master Shifu, Kungfu Panda.

This quote has a deep philosophical meaning and somehow it’s true. When we don’t have inner peace, anything that we do seems to be wrong.

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Everyone has their own idealism. Things that they consider as right, things that they consider as what they are supposed to be. A simple example is when eating, some people has the habit of producing loud sounds when eating. For some people, this is not acceptable. This is an example of idealism. This is shaped by education and family background. When a child is raised in a family, in the early years, child absorb the values in the family, what they parents told them, how they treat them, and how to act during each situation. However, even in the same family, the values that children learns might be different due to child’s characters.
So, theoretically it is impossible to have two people with same thought and same idea about what is “right”, what is “wrong” and how they should be like. This is what religion or belief plays its role.
Yeah, that’s my current conclusion… Although in reality we see people with same religion also fighting each others, I’m absolutely lost about this.

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I always like to go sightseeing. Enjoying the wonderful view of God’s creations. The marvelous thing about God’s creations is that they live in harmony. Let’s take an example. In a forest, there are tall trees, shrubs, and small plants covering the forest floor. The tall trees block the strong sunlight so that animals can live without being burnt by the heat. At the same time, trees produce the foods they need to survive using the sunlight. When leaves fall to the forest floor, micro-organisms digest the leaves and convert them into compost and produce the nutrition needed by the trees.

Then human with their so called “intelligence” see that the trees have economical value, so they cut down the trees. What human do is ruining the harmony of the forest. Animals that used to live in the trees, used to built their nest on the trees are becoming homeless and they have to move to other places, if they survived. The trees, they turn into papers, wood for making furnitures, tissues, and many other things.

Things are becoming more complicated when it’s about human interaction. Each person has their own thought and each thinks that they are right. If one cannot bear with other people’s thought, conflict arises and then the harmony turns into fights. A simple fight could spread and even inherited to the next generation. This is what happen in Palestine, they have been fighting since their ancestors still alive and still fighting until now. Crazy! Humans are gifted with intelligence, but intelligence is not equal to wisdom.

In life there’s always happy and sad times…

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Human is given the capability of learning. When I was a little child, my father bought me a bike. The first time I rode the bike it was four-wheeled bike, there are two additional wheels to support the bike. So basically I only have to focus on pushing the pedals to make the bicycle move forward. After a period of time, I learned how to keep my balance. As I became more confident, I asked my father to remove the additional wheels. It was the first time I rode my two-wheeled bicycle. I was very excited! Then I rode my bike for several meters before I fell to the bushes. Although I was bleeding, I still laugh. I keep on trying and trying until I finally mastered the way to ride bicycle. Falling didn’t stop me from learning to ride my bike.

Everyone has their own story of learning a new thing. There’s always story to tell about learning things. It’s our choice to stop or keep on trying when we fail on doing something. It’s what we think that matters, when we think of failing then we might fail. It’s better to be optimistic and cultivate positive thoughts in our mind. I remember this story about golfer that lost his game because of pressure (read: It’s our emotion and thought that affect how we perform.

Be positive!

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Valentine’s Day!

It’s Valentine’s day! I am so excited because this Valentine I have someone to celebrate it with. I love the time we spend together and I am looking forward for our Valentine celebration… I can’t wait…

Happy Valentine’s day my dear, I love you 😉

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When we have to make a decision, there are many things that we have to consider. We have to carefully check all the advantage and disadvantage of the options as well as the risk.

A simple example is choosing the path from home to work. There are many ways to get to the office, one might be shorter than others, one might be busier than others, and many things that we could take into consideration. There are many factors to be considered before making decision. After considering the options and making decision, we have to go along the road until we get to the destination, the office.

Going to office is an easy example to describe what it means to be consistent with our decision. Sometimes we complained because the road that we chose is blocked, there’s an accident, or other things that happened beyond our expectation.

Another example of being consistent is when we have to choose our job. We carefully consider the advantage and disadvantage of each options we have and choose one that we think is the best. After choosing, we have to work diligently because it’s our choice.

Everyone has 24 hours a day, common people work 8-9 hours a day (in my case), so there are 16 hours a day where we can enjoy our life, let’s cut it. This simple calculation shows that working is important but it is not the most important thing in life, there are other things more important than working.

Then comes another more important decision that we have to make, how to spend our time, whom to spend our time with, whom to spend the rest of our life with, whom you should take care of, and many things more related to life than work. When we have made the decision, what we have to do is to be consistent with it. 🙂

I have made my decision. You got the rest of my time, love you my dear 😉



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Habit, something that is developed with time. If we like to do something, do it repeatedly everyday because it makes us comfortable, soon it becomes our habit. We could feel that there’s something wrong if we don’t do it the way we usually do it.

There are positive habits and negative habits. Some of the negative habits are for example, waking up late in the morning, sleeping late in the evening, late for work, playing with cellphone while having meals, being late, lying, and many other things. Some of the positive habits are for example, keeping room clean, washing clothes regularly, being punctual, speaking to others politely, keeping promises, and so on.

Our parents usually teach us things we should and we shouldn’t do and why we should do those things. As a kid we usually disobey our parents because some of the things we should do are not as we wanted, we are more curious of doing things that we shouldn’t do.

Recently, I realized one bad habit which makes me suffer and regrets of cultivating such habit. I never knew that the side effect of this habit is this serious until now. I don’t need to elaborate this habit by the way. Only those very close to me know this..

I have to reprogram my brain for stop doing the bad habit and cultivating more good habits instead and that’s what I am going to do.

Sorry for this, I didn’t know that this effect is so bad, I will change my dear, I love you 😉


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A and B are living in the same city. One day when A went to her hometown, B also went to the same city but different destination. B had to do some work and have dinner appointment with his friends. B told A that he went to that city too and told her why he was there. They both had a chat all the time, B was happy and enjoying the time.

Then, B asked A what time she will return to the city they are living. A said later in the evening. So B asked A whether she wanted to go back together or not, she said yes, B was extremely happy at that time, hahaha… B is used to traveling alone all the time, now he has a traveling partner that’s why he is very happy!

After B finished his dinner with friends, he told A that he had finished the dinner. B planned to take the bus, but then changed his mind to take taxi so as not to keep A waiting for a long time. We all know waiting is a boring job. B estimated the time needed to get to the station and told A that he will be there in 15 minutes. There was a long queue to get on the bus at that time, so B told her to get into the line and wait for him. A queued, and then B came to her and he was very happy to see her. Finally they got on the bus, had a chat and she slept because she was very sleepy.

B was very happy at that time, the kind of happy that words cannot express… 😉

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A: Hi, are you there?

(B is busy with his job… but A is special to B so B replied A)

B: Yes dear, what’s up?

A: Could you help me with this?

B: Is it urgent? When do you want to have it finished?

A: Actually not urgent, but I want to have it finished Today.

B: I’ll help you with those after I finish my job, OK?

A: Ok dear, thanks.

This is just a simple conversation to show how A understand that B has other responsibilities that has to be finished first before giving assistance.

We all have responsibilities but we have limited time, 24 hours a day. So we have to make priority, which one has to be done first. Thank God I met a person who understands that I have other responsibilities.

I’ll do my best to take care of you my dear, love you 😉


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